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Katie wrote a book in Lockdown:

Are you exhausted? Lacking in self confidence? Or neglecting your own self care and worth? If you have answered yes to one or more of these then, this is the book for you.

Katie takes you on her personal journey of self-discovery and self worth. She proves to her doubters, and herself, that they are wrong. Follow her as she shows you her dreams, aspirations and how she overcomes her wobbles and tears. A genuine and honest book of how Katie overcame her own fears and self doubt.

How she became stronger as she focused on the positive and looked after her own self-care and developed a huge dose of self worth.

Katie has written this book to help so many of us who are on the same journey she was, but afraid to take the step she did. She now openly encourages you to take that step.


The Katie at the start of this journey way back in 2019 is certainly not the Katie now. She is a champions’ champion as she encourages others to find their happiness and niche.

Hannah says: I absolutely love it! Such a fantastic mix of adventure, inspiration and activities for our own reflection. I have never seen anything like it!

Andrea says: I absolutely love it, it made me really think as I read it! This was why I could not edit on the first read - I was too busy thinking of my response to your activity! Which is your overall aim of the book!

You are a very talented lady!

Pop over to Amazon Sole to Soul Sanctuary, I say Phuket

Katie wrote a Reflexology Planner in Lockdown 2021:

The Reflexology Planner is here to help Reflexologists keep track of their Business growth, their Social Media and a sprinkling of Self Care. Keep all your key facts and thoughts for your business all in one place. Planning and keeping track of your Social Media will help you build firmer footings in your business

You will not only reduce the procrastination, the overwhelm of not feeling organised and frustrations. Instead, you will feel efficient and organised and proud you have created good content and hopefully grown your audience. The Reflexology Planner

Reading Recomendations

Brene Brown, I love listening to Brene whilst on my early morning walks. This book Dare to Lead, I thought was fabulous. If you fancy an enlightening read please pop over and buy this: Brene Brown - Dare to Lead


We all love to scribble, write and doodle, why not do this is a notebook designed by Katie? check out this wonderful Journal A Step Inside Your Heart

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